Real-time statistics and match feed

With our application, not only you'll be able to give match feed for your fans, you'll also give them a full-featured statistics in real time

Dynamic parameter changing

Change match time, action types, players, matches... no matter which parameters you want to check, you got it. We give you the opportunity to put any combination of parameters you want to observe in only few clicks.


Mobile application is an essential part of our system. No matter if you have a tablet or only a mobile phone, you just need to set up the match data on the web application and sync it with mobile app and you're ready to go. Of course, no Internet - no real-time feed, but as soon as you get online, all the data will be synced and your statistics will be ready for review.


We have created an unique system for handball statistics. Unlike the current ones, we focus on all the actions during the match, and offer the detailed description of the complex actions (such as goals, which are described by five parameters). That way we create real-time perfomance indicators both for players and the whole team, which can be used for fast strategic reactions during the match.

For example, we connect the assist to the goal, or the block to counter attack which came as a result. With AHS, you can detect where each player shoots when his perfomance goes down, or even manually through graphs detect the behaviour of a player and the team.

For the data collecting, we have developed Android application with intuitive user interface, through which you can easily enter even the most detailed predefined data (such as a description of a shot or a goal) in few seconds. If the mobile device is connected to the Internet, it will automatically send the data to statistics system and it will be ready for analysis.

Advanced handball statistics is designed to help coaches in adapting the training process, prepare for the match and have an insight of players' and team's performance in real time. Together with that, fans can follow the matches through automatic match feed which can be even set up on team's own website.

For national federations, we offer the possibility of standardizing the statistics for the whole country and giving the opportunity for real-time match information even for lower leagues. Besides that, we create an independent system for each federation, diversing it from other data and finally, the possibility of automatically creating the match score sheet in electronic and hard copy.

The team

Tomislav Hlupić

Web developer, CEO

Josipa Kovačev

Web developer, CTO

Filip Jandrijević

Mobile developer, CTO

Contact us

If you wish to contact us or make an enquiry about the system, feel free to bug our CEO on